Life after laser

Anyone who lives or passes through Atlanta knows that following the speed limit on the loop, or on any of the interstates, will get you run over. It’s posted 55 in most places but the traffic runs 72 or better.

I was on the south side near the airport where several of the runways and taxiways now go over the interstate. It was night, and I knew the troopers liked to sit in the dark shadows of the overpasses.

I was clipping along, second in a pack running, uh, let’s not get too detailed. I love cruising with the windows cracked, and the dash lights dimmed down to barely there擁t’s much easier on the eyes. My V1 in dark mode, and my radio, complete the setup.

All of a sudden V1 screams to life. Laser! I haul down closer to the speed limit speed. Another laser scream. The trooper just eyes me as I pass, another unindicted conspirator. And everyone directly around me escaped, too, because they saw my windshield go red and my brake lights.

I got thumbs up, and mouthed “thank yous” as those who had been behind passed me. I’m guessing that the car in front謡e were catching him妖rew the laser ping; the beam bounced off of him and hit V1. The second ping was gunning for me.

Sadly, V1 has been out of my windshield for too long; that’s the deal when living in lovely Virginia, the only state that outlaws detectors. But I’ve just moved back South, and a new V1 is on my must-get list.

Kyle Cooper

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