Life Under Lidar

With the recent increase in lidar traps in Calgary, I decided that it was time for me to upgrade from my friend of four years, a Beltronics 985. My initial choices of lidar/radar detectors were the Escort Passport 8500 X50 and the Beltronics Sti. Not Valentine One; I though it too expensive. I settled on the 8500 X50.

After using it for maybe one hour I managed to get hit by lidar and ended up with a hefty ticket. Although I wouldn’t dispute my guilt, I was nonetheless miffed that my new detector could not give me an early lidar warning. I went back to the store and returned it for a refund.

After more research on lidar detection range I decided it was time to give Valentine One a shot. Within three minutes of installing V1 in my Honda Civic, it wailed a lidar warning. I wasn’t speeding but naturally I slowed down anyway. Sure enough, there was a LEO sitting at the bottom of a construction zone nabbing unknowing drivers. I was very impressed….

…but the story continues. After about a week of learning V1’s personality on my usual 35 km commute through the busy streets of Calgary, I had ran into six different lidar traps. Each time I would be driving behind a group of cars while V1 briefly warned. Each time I had doubts until I saw the trap carefully tucked behind a lamppost or bush. V1 consistently gave enough warning for me to make sure I was at the posted limit. It was quite humorous to see all the drivers in front of me getting picked off. I’ve heard of other V1 owners bragging, but I never realized it was truly this good.

Thank you Mike Valentine for building a detector that always delivers what it promises!

Steven Gee
Calgary, AB, CANADA

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