Max benched, V1 takes over

I was driving in Thompson Ridge, NY, late on a winter night, testing a gifted Passport Max, when it lit up a warning that continued for miles and miles; I didn’t know where it was coming from or if it was real. All I knew was that Max was, uh, alarmed.

Luckily, the Passport Max can operate on a Valentine One power cord and that is how I was using it. So, wanting to know what really was going on, I got my V1 from my glove box and switched detectors. Immediately V1 told me the threat was from the rear.

Behind me was a commercial truck葉hat didn’t make sense傭ut I don’t ignore V1 when it talks. After about five miles the truck turned off, exposing an SUV behind. It didn’t look like a police unit. I finally turned off to another road and the SUV followed me. V1 kept pointing behind. As I turned into a friend’s driveway my tail lights lit up the side of the SUV and I saw that it was a local LEO. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but thanks to V1, I got the critical information that I needed to know he was back there.

I’ve been relying on my V1 for over 10 years and it’s still the most trustworthy detector on the market. Besides, the metal case and quality appearance of V1 outclasses the plastic Passport Max by light years.

Since I don’t trust any detector but V1, the Passport Max will go into my regifting stash.

Andrea Aronson
East Northport, NY