Mike Had My Six

One night a few years back, I was driving home. It was autumn and the sun was setting earlier, helped along by our change over from Daylight Savings Time. I was driving my “cop magnet,” a 1994 Yellow Mitsubishi 300GT VR4.

I had recently bought a V1, having believed in its unique directional-arrow technology. So here it is, 7:30 in the evening, and I am driving home through a residential area and doing the posted speed limit of 25 mph. This is a quiet neighborhood; traffic officers don’t waste their time here. V1 thinks otherwise. It signals a quick beep, instant-on style, the rear arrow lighting up. I look back; nothing but darkness. I shrug, a fluke.

This is a long and winding road that I take home every night. I drive to the next bend and V1 hits me again, same full light-up on the strength meter and the same rear arrow direction. I am now truly perplexed. Not even a car behind me, right? Wrong!

As I continue around the next bend, the overhead street lights break the stealth…a township police officer is behind me with his headlights off. The jig is up. We win…that’s me and my V1.

Hey, without the rear arrow I would have been looking AHEAD. Thankfully, V1 was watching my six.

I was completely sold. In fact, I currently own four, yes four, of these units. I am in the process of upgrading my two oldest units as I write this. I’m not shopping for any of those other brands. My V1s and I are inseparable: seatbelt on; ignition on; Valentine One on! That’s my “start to drive” sequence!

Thanks, Mike, for fifteen years of V1 vigilance.

Vincent J. Corsello
Morristown, NJ