Next Best Thing to Having a Badge

In the early days of V1, I purchased one of the first edition. Then I moved to Utah and became a police officer. Having a badge in my car, I gave the V1 away. Big mistake.

Recently I quit my cop job and moved back to Arizona. They love photo radar here. So, I decided to go back to “old faithful” and purchased another V1. On my first drive to work it churped and showed Ka. Sure enough, ahead was a photo radar van operated by Scottsdale Police.

I respect the job police officers everywhere do, but photo radar is a bit ridiculous. My advice to anyone is to obey the laws. No technology will ever make it impossible to get a ticket…

…but V1 comes close. Officers will strongly testify that radar detectors do not work. They’ve never used V1. I wish I still had the badge. But attentive driving and my V1 will ensure that I won’t need it.

James Barnes
Mesa, AZ