No bogey counter, no clue

It’s early morning and I’ve just left El Paso eastbound on I10, still in the in the rolling hills where the posted limit is 70—the 80-mph zone doesn’t start till Sierra Blanca. In the mirror I spot two fast runners coming up behind, just as my V1 starts talking. I’ve got the cruise set at 75 and they’ve gotta be running 90 plus.

As they pass I look down from my perch in the Navigator and see that both of them have detectors suction cupped to the windshield, with curly cords plugged into lighters. Both displays are dark as night, while V1 is going ballistic.

As the lead Porsche disappears over a rise I see his detector finally come alive and his brake lights glow emergency red. Goner! About this time the Bimmer in second place gets a similar display from his so-called detector, and hits the brakes, too, but he’s covered by the Porsche in front. He stays in the fast lane and lucks his way past Smokey, who has the Porsche in hand.

This guy has game. He’s feeling smug. I can see his detector display still showing a strong signal, but he’s clueless. He thinks that’s the Smokey to his rear, but my V1 tells a different story. I show two threats, one to the rear, and one to the front–Smokey Tactics 101.

Just then the Bimmer accelerates, and I have a front row seat for the ambush. Over the next rise I see him do a panic brake from at least 90, but it’s too late. The double-zap Smokey trap gets ’em every time.

Jeez, I love my V1.

Dean Herrington
Las Vegas, NV

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