No longer bedeviled by lane-change false alarms

I purchased a brand new 2017 Honda Pilot Elite a couple of months ago, and wanted a new radar detector for my high-tech vehicle. Based on some online reviews, I ordered an Escort Max 360. After installing it, I was amazed—appalled, really–at the constant K-Band false alarms, which occurred even in very rural areas where I knew there was no chance of door sensors and alarm systems, much less real radar. After more online chasing, I discovered that these false alarms were being triggered by my own vehicle!

Not all Honda Pilot owners were having this problem with their Max 360s, only those who owned the Elite model. Specifically, this trim level adds a Blind Spot Information system (BSI) that sends out K-Band radar to “see,” when a driver is changing lanes, if there’s a vehicle in an adjacent lane.

Fortunately, I was able to return the Max 360 and order a Valentine One. To my great delight, V1 did not have the falsing problem. The Junk-K Fighter feature was doing its job.

In my particular vehicle, the Max 360 was totally unusable, but the V1 is working perfectly.

Michael Edwards
Calumet, MI

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