Nope, nobody here but us shoppers

A few of my friends have had V1’s for years, and they’re forever telling me about “the arrows and the counter” and their resulting avoidance of what we might call “unpleasantries.” I’ve been using other detectors all of that time, and every once in a while I’ve gotten tickets. I always figured they were inevitable no matter the brand of detector.

My wife bought me a V1 for Christmas this year, however, and now I find that I’ve become an evangelist for the very same arrows and bogey counter. Every day on my way to work, I go past a shopping center on the side of the highway that sets off my V1; it reliably counts up two bogeys on the readout. Yesterday on my way home, I noticed that there were three bogeys悠 almost gave in to the shrug factor–but then I decided to ease up a bit, just in case.

Immediately past the center, with the arrow pointing behind me as it always does in this spot, there was an extra arrow, this time pointing ahead. It was fixed on sneaky ‘ol smokey trying to camouflage himself in the shopping center’s clutter. As I went by, he pulled out behind me with lights flashing, and promptly zipped around me to run down one of the cars that had passed me.

My buddies were right; once you have the arrows and bogey counter, you’ll settle for nothing less!

D. Hylen
Croghan, NY