Not Guilty by Reason of V1

It was a beautiful spring day, blue skies, warm temperatures, windows down, life couldn’t have been better. I got off the main highway and took the service road to the street that would get me home. For the five years I’ve lived here, it’s been an area known for speeders.

As soon as I hit the service road, V1 went nuts, one KA loud and clear dead ahead. Down the road a bit I see a cop with a dark blue van pulled over, so I think “ah, same as always”.

Next thing I know, V1 says, “three bogeys ahead, all KA.” I slow to the speed limit while they were shooting the cars far in front of me. I cruise on by the cop with his “customer” in the blue van and make the left hand turn only to find a uniformed officer stopping traffic, pointing to each car in front of him and looking at the van, either letting them go or making them pull in for an “interview.” I quickly see the cop car is a diversion; and the blue van has two men in back with radar guns “shooting” at the oncoming traffic.

It was my turn in front of the officer. He points to my car, looks at the van and asks me to pull in. He starts the routine, “license, registration and insurance.” I ask “what am I being pulled over for?” He says, “speeding, now let me see that information.” I reply, “Officer, no offense, but my detector had you guys picked up over a mile away. I was NOT speeding.” He looks in my car, says “V1, huh? You must have had us,” and he lets me go.

All I can say is this: when cops know about V1 and its reliability, you know you have the best detector. Thanks Mike, I owe you one!

Rob Nilsen
Plainsboro, NJ

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