Oblivious Until He Wasn’t

I was east bound on Interstate 86 between Erie, PA, and Jamestown, NY. About 15 miles short of Jamestown my Valentine One Gen2 let out a little chirp, then another, then another, each one closer to the next one, until the warning finally went solid.

I looked in my mirror and saw a black BMW SUV coming up on me at a high rate of speed, had to be going 95 in a 65. About the time it passed I could make out the radar car up ahead. The SUV, oblivious, on fast forward into his doom, never touched his brakes.

By the time I got there, the SUV was already being pulled over. Thanks to V1, I had a two, maybe three-mile warning. This is my third Valentine detector, been buying them since the nineties, and have never had a problem with any of them.

And for sure, I don’t have the problem that BMW driver now has.

Kevin Opferbeck
Ashville, NY