Oh, it’s Nothing

“Yeah, right…Oh s—t!” These were the last words I heard from my driving buddies as the trap closed. They’ll be getting V1’s soon.

My local Porsche club buddies and I frequently go on Saturday drives, early in the morning. There is a stretch nearby where we “open up.” We feel safe; we know the area. It has a few falses, stray Ks from a local building. They “blurp” our Passport 8500’s every time.

The day before our last drive, I received my new V1. I drove out to the fun zone. The bogey counter showed “2” by the building.

Early Saturday, in our morning drive, I got the alert in the same place but the counter showed “4.” So I radioed to my buddies two miles ahead to slow down. Their Passports “blurped” as usual and, as usual, they ignored them. Dave and Charley radioed: “Yeah right.” Then, as they saw two CHP’s come out from behind the driveway with light on…“Oh, s—t!”

Jack Zita
Diamond Bar, CA

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