Oh, what a relief it is

I have a V1 and a Beltronics RX65 but the all-knowing, all-telling arrows make the V1 my favorite. Recently, though, the V1 suffered an error message so I started using the Bel again. It drove me nuts trying to figure out where the threats were.

Since I had to drive through Cincinnati on my way to Dayton for business, and I had V1 with me in the car, I decided to stop at headquarters to see if they could repair my unit. A call two days later told me it was ready and I picked it up on my way back home.

What a relief to have it back on duty. Now I know where the bogeys are instead of guessing. With the arrows and this kind of service I don’t know why anybody would even think about buying another brand.

Brian Kreilein
Huntingburg, IN

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