Old Faithful isn’t just a Yellowstone geyser

My V1 is over 20 years old and has never been touched, upgraded, or anything else. It is what the collectable-car world calls a survivor.

Yes, I know all the upgrades would be to my advantage, but I just want to see how long this detector will last. I’ve logged over 600,000 miles with it standing as diligent sentry, and together we’ve seen every imaginable situation, such as airplanes (two tickets from them) and Vascar (look that one up). Those are among the few gotcha devices beyond V1’s detection powers.

Just think of what that unit has been through over those many years, the number of times it was turned on, the heat inside of a closed vehicle during the day, yet everything still works the way it did over 20 years ago.

Thanks, Mike, keep up the quality work

Charles Oliver
Jacksonville, Fl