On the Res with my Kemosabe

My wife and I flew to Phoenix for a seven-day vacation in Northern Arizona. Since we were renting a Porsche 911 Cabriolet, I packed V1 in my carry-on rather than my older, battery-operated “other brand” detector.

The 911 was probable-cause red, and I knew that no sin would be too venial for prosecution. On our 3rd day, we left Sedona and drove to the north entrance of the Grand Canyon, then on to Kayenta, AZ, and Monument Valley.

After unpacking at our motel, we headed north on US 163 toward Utah and the Monuments. I was warned to watch our speed, as we were in the Navajo Nation where the LEOs have hot ticket pencils. The road was arrow straight into the distance and I was tempted to let the Porsche sing a little.

Suddenly, V1 braps loudly and shows two bogeys ahead. I hold steady at the posted and sure enough, one LEO in an SUV goes by. Now V1 shows one bogey ahead and one behind. Within a minute, the second bogey flies by, also in an SUV.

Deciding to be careful for a while longer, I’m holding the limit as a third official SUV, this one with his radar off, appears about a mile behind the other two. My best guess is that a police play maker in Kayenta radioed ahead that a sucker in a fast sports car was heading their way, and the third SUV was there to block the road if I attempted to outrun one of the others.

This episode goes into my record as another V1 save. My wife rarely comments on my electronics purchases but, to my surprise, she suggested that I get rid of the less-capable “other brand” upon returning home.

Stephen A. Burger
Cayce, SC