One is the loneliest number

I’m driving home. For weeks there’s been a “your-speed-is” trailer set up after a bend in the road. V1 always reads it as a K-band alert, one on the Bogey Counter, and I had gotten used to the brap sound as I neared home.

Now here’s where V1 steps to the front of the pack. This time, instead of the usual singleton K alert, the counter shows two radars. Hmm, I immediately suspected that a local yokel is trying a sneak play, setting up his radar next to an alarm I’d been dismissing for weeks. And sure enough, after passing the trailer and rounding the subsequent bend, there he sat running his radar gun out the side window of his cruiser.

Without V1’s counter, I would have been just one more entry in his ticket book. Thanks again, Valentine Team.

Justin Bedney
Valparaiso, FL