One jerk, properly smoked

I was westbound from Syracuse, NY, to Denver, CO, driving my 2006 VW Jetta TDI. This former United States Navy pilot knows the importance of situation awareness, so I’ve hard wired my V1 to the windshield. I also operate a sophisticated GPS. Normally I cruise five to six mph above the posted on distance legs using the speed indicated on GPS, not on speedometer.

While cruising through Chicago, I was hassled by a big, black, Caddie SUV with windows darkened and oversized chromed wheels. It would pass me, get in front, then slow way down to obstruct me. When able, I would gently pass him and return to my normal cruise. He would repeat the blocking maneuver. This happened four or five times.

I was thinking of pulling off the road to get away from this jerk. But then I picked up a bogey on K band, arrow pointed ahead. Hmmm, I saw a possibility. I passed the SUV with a little more authority this time, then pulled back into the lane in front of him as the radar signals strength ramped up. As we came into detection range, I throttled back to the posted limit.

Sure enough, Mr. Jerk pulled out and rocketed forward once more, passing me doing probably 90 to 100 mph, right into the troopers radar beam. Down in smoke he went, metaphorically speaking.

V1 is the greatest. I have one in every one of my family’s six cars.

Andy Hardman
Manlius, NY

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