One More Attaboy for V1

My wife and I were traveling to Ithaca, NY, to visit our new grandson. We live in western NY and drove about 2½ hours east on I-86 before exiting onto local roads toward Ithaca. Now it’s 55 or slower for the rest of the way, with heavy radar enforcement.

This day we were pushing it using my V1 Gen 2, going about 65 when we could, when a young girl starts tailgating me. We finally come to a section of the road where it’s uphill with an extra lane for passing. As the road rises my detector starts to beep, so I pull into the slower lane and drop my speed a bit. The girl blows past. As we crest the hill, Gen2 is singing its fight song and the girl is now way ahead. I see in the distance a white unmarked SUV on the shoulder. As soon as the girl passes him, his red-and-blues flick on and he already had her pulled over by the time I reached them.

This is why I’ve had Valentine detectors for years. I’m on the third one now. I traded in my first one toward my new one and my second one is in my wife’s car. I’ve never had an issue with any of them and can’t even tell you how many times they earned their attaboys.

Kevin Opferbeck
Ashville, NY