One Showing and One in the Hole

Doing the daily commute this morning, left lane, maybe a little over the limit in a pack of cars doing ditto: V1 chirped and arrowed behind. I eased over one lane from the left (of four), and assessed the situation.

Sure enough, a trooper was coming up in the left lane I just vacated. I sauntered along as he passed, then cut in front, across two more lanes of traffic and made for the exit. Strange, making such a big show of getting out of the action.

But what’s with V1? The arrow didn’t switch to the front as he passed, and we still have chirping. Hmm.

Sure enough, as the pack picked up speed again, a gunmetal gray Crown Victoria is approaching from behind. I see one or two extra antennas on the back. I hold position and watch him close in on the pack that had just been “set loose” by the exiting full dresser. The arrows follow the Crown Vic, moving from behind to ahead.

Kind of a sneaky little decoy maneuver, but I’m sure they’d say it was just a coincidence!

Chris Lawful
Somerwick, MA