Our Escort didn’t go off

I was in my supercharged Trailblazer SS, followed by my daughter and son-in-law in their Jeep SRT8, heading east on I80. We’d just crossed into Ohio from Indiana.

Each of us has a detector attached to the bottom of our rearview mirror, an Escort 9500 for him, V1 for me. The women were talking between cars on two-way radios.

V1 said “brap,” just one syllable, then about a mile later it said “brap brap.” My wife on the radio said “possible speed trap ahead.” My daughter told her husband “my dad’s V1 just went off twice.” He said it was a false alarm because “our Escort didn’t go off.”

I slowed to 72 and the Jeep passed us saying he’d take the lead. Then I got another “brap brap.” Now we are three miles down the highway since the first warning. The Jeep is about a quarter-mile ahead when my daughter came on the radio to say “Oh, sh#@, I think we are getting pulled over.”

We waited at the next rest stop. Maybe 15 minutes later my cell rings, son-in-law calling to say he will follow us the rest of the trip.

His Escort went on eBay when he got home and he ordered a new V1. Oh, by the way, his 9500 never beeped once. The LEO told him that radar detectors won’t detect his gun because it’s too fast. Boy, do I have news for that trooper.

Mark Ruffner
Valparaiso, IN