Plain-Clothes Enforcers on the Prowl

Driving through Phoenix last night, my V1 started up and wouldn’t quit, showing three Ka sources behind me. I slowed to a fair approximation of the 65mph limit. V1 kept up the annoying alarm for over 5 minutes and I was beginning to think it was on the fritz. I could see headlights behind but nothing to suggest trouble. Yet it kept singing and showing 3 in the Bogey Counter.

Finally, one set of lights overtook me and, Bingo, a huge pickup truck switched on his red-and-blues and nabbed a car that had just passed me on the left. Thirty seconds later a passing Chrysler van pounced on one of the cars that passed me on the right. Two down, but Gen2 was still showing one behind. Just then a Charger rushed by and zeroed in on another vehicle that passed me on the right. I’ve never seen three unmarked vehicles working together like that, but V1 knew exactly what to say.

Jay Luber
Phoenix, AZ

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