Pop Goes the Bee!

On this site I learned of the MPH Bee III and it’s weaseling sneak mode.

Then I got “popped.” I had no idea that it was by the Bee, and certainly no notion that it was the underhanded POP mode. But, as is my habit, I was simply exercising my right to see all evidence. You’d be surprise how often they clear the display before letting the target go. No display, no citation. When I asked to see his radar equipment, behold and tremble, he’s got MPH’s latest!

After confirming that he had used the POP mode, the man who wanted to take home my take-home pay was rather surprised when I referred him to his book擁n the glovebox and apparently still virgin. In it we found the “note of caution” which Mike had quoted on this site.

As he read the words “non-evidential” and “citations should not be issued based solely on information derived from the POP burst,” he mumbled something I didn’t quite hear. Whatever it was, I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to print it here!

Kris Lewis
Lexington Park, MD