Protection You Can’t Get From Geico

This V1 thing must have been created by the almighty. It literally saved my life.

In Maitland, Fl, a suburb just north of Orlando, I was set to cross Highway 414—Maitland boulevard to the locals—and get onto Interstate 4. I was the first car in line at the left turn arrow.

Maybe three seconds before the arrow turned green, I got a weak Ka from the side. Knowing there are very few Ka false alarms, I glance to my right and see nothing. The light turns green and I begin to pull away. As I do, I look left hoping to see where the Ka alert is coming from. Instantly, V1 goes full on Ka, and I instinctively hit the brake. Out of nowhere, a fleeing car blows through the intersection, hotly pursued by a FHP trooper. They missed me by about six feet.

After the subsequent expletives cursing (and soiling of garments, which brought on more expletives), I looked at V1 in a new way. Had I been using another detector, I would have been toast crumbs.

Michael Hilal
Altamonte Springs, FL