Radar Can’t Read Intent, or Lack of Same

There is nothing like owning something wonderful and feeling like it’s OK to let it go. I was doing so well at watching my speed that I sold my V1 for someone else to enjoy.

On a sunny Sunday morning I’m heading to a continuing education course. Entering a town that is known for speed traps, no worries, because I’m paying attention. I spot a marked cruiser coming toward me and look down at my speedometer…40 mph. No problem, because I’m still in the 45 zone, right? I scan the side of the road for a speed limit sign and sure enough, I find one… 25mph!! Uh-oh. I looked at the officer as we passed and he was looking at me right back. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one read more like For Whom the Bell Tolls. He had already made an appointment for us to talk.

To make a safe place for him to get out of his car I pulled over into a gas station parking lot before he even had a chance to turn around. He pulled up behind me and turned on the lights.

We spoke for a minute and I explained that I was not in any hurry and truly though I was still in the 45. He checked my clear record and let me go with a warning.

Here’s my takeaway: if you’re on this website looking for a reason to buy a V1, then you’re here because you need to be reminded to slow down from time to time. Especially when someone is watching with a radar gun! My brand new V1 arrived a few days later and it has given many friendly reminders to check my speed since going on duty. Thank you to Mike and the staff at Valentine for friendly and fast service. V1 is not the cheapest detector out there, but it is the best and that’s what makes it worth having even on those days when nobody is watching.

Doug Schoenke
Rice Lake, WI

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