Rejoice, a sinner repents

Sorry, but I was unfaithful. My V1 was needing an upgrade, which was going to cost around $200.00. So, instead of sending my unit back, I bought into the hype about the new Passport 9500ix with GPS technology. I was hoping for fewer false alarms, not to mention the database that locates speed and red-light cameras. A few magazine tests claim superior radar range over V1, so I went with the Passport.

After having it for a couple of days, I finally got my first radar alert…on my V1. What did Reagan say, “Trust, but verify?” So I had both detectors in my vehicle. I was traveling on highway 840 towards Murfreesboro, TN, when I received a brief Ka-band hit on V1, so I immediately slowed. Then about half a mile down the road I took a full on blast from both detectors.

I could see him then, a state trooper tucked in on the side of the road. If I didn’t have my V1 with me, I would have been pigeon pie because my Passport missed the chance to warn me early. This happened several more times where my “obsolete” V1 raised its voice before my $499 Passport.

So here’s the new deal. The Passport goes back for a refund and I’m sending the old V1 in for the latest update. And I promise, I’ll never be unfaithful again.

Bruce Peterson
Columbia, TN