Resisting the Moron Instincts

Last night, after my brand new V1 arrived, I went out driving with a friend. We were slowly headed down a main road here in town when all of a sudden “brap-brap.” Ka!

Right then we came to a red light, and I rolled to a stop next to some moron in his shiny red Camaro with silver racing stripes. He’s revving his motor like he wants to race, so when the light turns green, I stab it and let him feel my exhaust.

Naturally this is where his moron instincts tell him to floor it and smoke me. So he does it. As soon as I hear his roar, I completely let off and softly hit the brakes. And what does he do? He BLAZES by a radar trap at 65-75 mph in a 35 zone!

The cop pulls out behind me with only his parking lights, flies straight past, hits the Camaro with his lights, and nails him.

If it wasn’t for my V1, I might have been the moron flying past the radar trap! At the moment when that sucker got busted, my V1 earned lifetime employment.

Justin Seclipse
(city withheld), CA