Respect from the Middle Lane

I was on I94 eastbound in fairly heavy traffic on my way home from Detroit, clipping along at about 75-80 mph with my detector on. I get passed by a Hemi powered Grand Cherokee traveling in excess of 85 mph. I know the speed because I tucked in behind the black Jeep to follow.

We had been making great time when the Jeep lost the gas peddle, no brakes, just slowed down close to the 70-mph limit. After about half mile預nd not a chirp from my detector悠 eased out of the left lane and began to pass on the right. Coming around to the passenger-side, I noticed a V1 on his windshield Needless to say, I got out of the gas immediately and fell in with the other traffic. We were approaching an overpass and as I crested it, only then did my detector give me a warning. About a half mile ahead on the oncoming side were two state troopers with a car pulled over.

The way I figure it, the V1 driver got his warning at least three-quarters of a mile before I got a peep, with an overpass in the way!!! My detector is a name brand (not Passport) and I know the performance is not that of the $300-$400 units; the comparison of a Chevette to a Corvette comes to mind.

You definitely get what you pay for and my next unit will be the V1, with the arrows, easy-to-read bogey counter, and the ability to upgrade. I want the Hemi Jeep Grand Cherokee, too, but I’ll start with the V1.

John Winterbauer, Jr.
St. Clair, MI