Road rage observed and rewarded

I was on a road I travel every morning and have seldom seen a cop.  This particular morning I had been booking along at a good commuting pace when a traffic light caught me.

As I waited, V1 went crazy.

At the green, as I start to pull through the light, the driver of the truck beside me starts also, then he looks over and sees my V1 is in full gonzo alert. He slams to a stop. The lady behind us didn’t get the memo. She was riding the truck’s bumper and when he shut it down she jerked in behind me and rode my bumper.

As she was throwing her hands in the air and cussing, guess what? The cop watching the intersection saw the entire moronic act and pulled her over.

Oh, the satisfaction! The truck dude looked over and gave me a “you the man” look. I loved it.

Scott Warren
Garland, TX

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