Same Old Story, Same Old Ending

I have owned my V1 since 2004, and in those 16 years it has kept me out of innumerable awkward roadside conversations. Incidents of the following sort have happened many times, and again just the other day on the interstate.

I was moving as if I wanted to get there and had two cars shadowing, keeping pace exactly. V1 gives me an arrow ahead so I tap the brakes and back down. The signal strengthens gradually. Impatient drivers behind get tired of waiting, or assume I’m exiting, and blow by me with looks of disappointment and disgust.

My arrow ahead and signal-strength meter do not deceive, and sure as dawn there he is, tucked in just over the rise. My shadows stomp their big pedals but alas for them, too little too late. With just the slightest regret for the damage to my fellow travelers’ insurance premiums, I continue on to my destination.

Valentine, you magnificent bastard, you’ve done it again!

Norm Reyome
Albany, NY