Saved by the counter

Driving down A1A in my part of Florida, the officers still use K-band radar. Mixed in with the various speed signs, door openers, and certain cars柚azdas, particularly葉his is always fun. No radar detector is innocent of this confusion; it’s physically impossible. Figuring out what’s what is difficult, but having V1 on duty gives me a fighting chance.

Just tonight, V1 goes off right next to a Mazda. First instinct after seeing it’s K-band揺it the mute button. But wait! The Bogey Counter shows 2 with a strong 7/8 signal not typical of a Mazda. Second instinct揚et off the gas. Soon enough, I see the hunter, a black slick top sitting on the side of the road. The Mazda keeps going and I play innocent in the right lane.

Without my V1, I would have earned a few frequent flyer points down at the DMV but as it was, I was off into the sunset. Thanks, Valentine team! This thing works.

Marc Spurlock
Satellite Beach, FL

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