Saved from Something Worse Than a Ticket

I spend a lot of time driving on a rural road called the “Devils Backbone.” I always have my V1 with me even though it’s not a high-speed road by any means, too many hard twists and turns with few guardrails and drop-offs hundreds of feet down.

One evening on my commute, V1 lit up with three bogeys. Naturally I slowed to take the next turn; dead ahead was a large boulder in the lane with a car wrapped around it. Disturbances on the shoulder suggested that at least two more cars had gone through the brush and were somewhere below. Three patrol cars were on the scene, hence the three bogeys. I was able to safely make my way around the destruction and be on my way.

Perhaps it’s too much of a leap to suggest that a radar detector is a safety device. Still, in advance of that last turn, I had no indication of a hazard ahead, no flashing red-and-blues, no nothing. Had I been going the speed limit, I surely would have plowed into something or taken a dive. Thanks to V1 showing a three count, I can report this crash rather than having endured it.

David Power
Katy, TX