Seeing is Definitely Believing

I’m heading down US highway 1 in Florida, between Martin and Palm Beach counties, in my muscled-up Audi, V1 Gen2 on duty just in case someone out there should object to my pace.

Take right now, for example, as a Ka alert slowly strengthens to the max. I back down to a LEO-friendly pace. A young lady behind in a Wrangler sees this as an invitation to take the lead. I wave her off, trying to say “not now!” but she ignores my good intentions and scoots by. But then she sees the sheriff and pedals hard on her brakes.

Luckily, no flashing lights. Next opportunity she pulls alongside me and asks “how did I know?” I point to V1 and she gestures for me to pull over.

We talked about V1 Gen2 for maybe ten minutes. I told her of the website and you guys have probably shipped her order by now.

Dwayne Smart
Port St. Lucie, FL