Seeing is believing

I was heading for Lime Rock Park, a road-race course in southern Connecticut, in my M3 on an early June morning, my Brand X detector scouting the terrain ahead. The road is a rural two-lane with a 55 limit. I thought I was moving right along until a Viper roadster passed me. I upped the pace and caught up, but was puzzled when he hit the brakes hard as we reached the top of a hill. I passed him anyway.

Bad move. As soon as I got around him, old Brand X lit up. Nabbed in the act, I was.

Later, when I saw the Viper owner in line at Lime Rock, I asked him what detector he used. “Valentine,” he said, and the next three guys in line nodded. They all said it was the only detector they trusted.

That endorsement–on top of seeing V1 protection up close and very personal–made me buy Valentines for me, my wife, and three kids, too.

Roger Madigan
Stamford, CT