Setting herself up for Valentine’s Day

I’ve had my V1 for 12 years and it’s all the more important to me now that I drive a rolling cop-magnet—a 2014 Mustang GT. But the story I want to tell centers on my wife.

She was coming home from a trip to Augusta when she encountered a speed trap outside the tiny little town of Bartow, GA. To capture the unsuspecting, they suddenly chopped the speed limit from country cruise to look out, and she got tagged at 65+ in a 35. The fine was something over $120.

This happened in late January, and a certain special day was coming fast. I understand that most beloved ladies expect a card, add some flowers, candy is good, dinner is even better, and maybe even a little bling to prove how much they are appreciated.

Well, she got the card, the flowers and the dinner, but to this day she tells people about the Valentine One that came on Valentine’s Day. And it’s kept her out of ticket trouble ever since.

Ed Burch
Eastman, GA