The Sheriff Plays Peek-a-boo

I bought a V1 and a bright red Cobra convertible at the same time. One month later, the wife and I are driving in East Texas. The road is a long, unbending two lane; a ten-mile stretch straight as a string. The wife is driving to see what the new car is like.

The wife always drives the speed limit. If it said 18 miles per hour, she would be at 16. Drives me nuts, but it is her way.

Anyway, as we tool along at the break neck speed of 53 mph, I see the local sheriff go by in the opposite direction. I notice that he takes a long look at us, but I figure he’s just admiring the car.

About a mile later the V1 sounds off with the arrow pointing behind us. Then it goes quiet. Thirty seconds later the arrow flashes on again. I look back just in time to see the sheriff’s car duck behind another vehicle that he is following.

This game goes on for at least eight miles. He pulls out, hits the radar, reads it then drops back in line with the other car. Had to be driving that other driver nuts!

I guess he just could not believe a red Cobra was going to keep driving 53-54 mph.

Gotta love that V1. It let’s us enjoy the sheriff’s frustration.

Ron Hargrave
Geneva, KS