Shoulda Hadda V1

I致e had my V1 for over a year now and love it! And just this last weekend it showed why it痴 the best.

My friend謡ho always wants to out-do me傭ought a Beltronic STI. I told him V1 was better but he went Bel and now goes on and on about how good it is.

Well, justice bit him in the butt. While following him up I-71/75N into Cincinnati there is a cluster of radar speed signs. V1 picks up three to five at a time. So I push mute.

This time V1 made a de-deet, the new-bogey warning, and displayed a weak Ka band indication. So I eased off while my braggart friend, he keeps hauling. As soon as he went around the bend唯AM!揺e got lit up. The ticket said 68 in a 55. His poor STI could not keep up with the overwhelming number of K band signals coming from the all of those signs.

Will he take my advice next time? I think so.

Chris Bundy
Florence, KY