Silence is good until it isn’t

Same old trip, same old highway from Houston to Waco.  Got my V1 dialed down to full silence; It’s somewhere between 15 and 18 years old and, for the last couple of years it seems to be alarming all the time from false K-band.

Besides, I’ve driven this road enough to know where the locals are hiding, and I can just watch the arrows and bogey counter.

Whoa! Don’t be so sure there, Bucko. I came over a hill towards one of the local speed traps where it drops from 75 to 55 in about 1/4 mile. But I was talkin’ to the wife, not paying attention to the little red lights on V1.

Uh-huh. After a $265 donation to the county sheriff, that V1 upgrade  offer is looking a LOT more attractive.

Moral: Upgrade those old units.  Mine is now in the mail and will be back on the job before the next trip.

Gene Bostwick
Houston, TX