Situation awareness versus the sheriff

While driving home from work, my V1 suddenly alerted me about a bogey closing from the rear. I could see nothing behind on this very curvy road, but the signal steadily grew stronger. I had to stop for a red light and when the sheriff unit finally came into view, it was obvious that the operator had been toggling his radar on and off as he approached.

When the officer pulled up behind me, he apparently noticed the V1 in my windshield and turned his radar back on. He could easily see V1’s lights and the rear arrow glow on and I think he got very interested when I pushed the mute button.

At the green, I made a left turn when traffic cleared and noticed that he had toggled off his radar once again. He had to wait for traffic before he could follow me, so I lost him after going over a hill, maintaining the speed limit of course. Knowing that I had protection, the officer kept his radar off as he raced up from behind, traveling well above the speed limit without lights or siren, and when he was close he stabbed the brakes to match my speed. When he pulled this stunt I was already traveling at two mph under the limit, where upon he gave up and turned down a different road.

If you’re thinking this sort of enforcer skullduggery happens only against probable-cause cars like Porsches and Vettes, listen to this—I drive a Subaru Baja, a Japanese echo of the ancient Chevy El Camino.

Bill Wulff
Grand Junction,Co

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