Sleepy Town, Heavily Fortified

Here in West Virginia, the old reliable X band and K band radars are common in the small towns. I’ve recently been using both the Passport 8500 and my V1, to satisfy myself as to which is better.

Every day I drop off a major highway, Rt. 50, onto a small highway, (Rt. 18. This takes me through a one-horse town with a ten-horse ticket writer for a cop. Luckily he uses X band – on all the time – so he’s generally easy pickings.

Anyway, one day I used the Passport 8500 on the way to work and, quite luckily as I find out, encountered no radar. On the way home I decided to use the V1.

As I go to drop off Rt. 50, the V1 bogey counter goes to 3!! The front and side arrows are on. I look to the right, where there’s a ball field and a parking lot. I see a County Sheriff and a State Trooper. That’s two. Ahead I still see nothing, but there’s a serpentine curve under a train trestle ahead. V1 has me alert for number three, and I slow down to the crazy limit of 25.

As I approach the trestle, BINGO! Here comes the hot-pencil town cop. If I had used the Passport, no doubt I would have thought the beep was from the two officers parked at the lot. Not only did V1 save me, but don’t you know the townie would have loved to make a collar right in front of the Sheriff and Trooper?

The 8500 went up on Ebay. If the poor buyer ever comes across the situation that I lived through, he’s gonna wish he’d bought the BEST!!

Allen Ash, Jr.
Pennsboro, WV

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