Sniper on I95

Let me set the moment: I’m in Florida northbound on I95, heading back home in shame after paying the $254 speeding ticket I unlucked into some weeks back. This time I’m running the V1 defense, a new program since my, uh, learning experience.

Driving along at a decent clip, I get a short laser hit, arrow pointing ahead. Major braking is my response. V1 reports another hit, then a third and a fourth. I’m on full alert and, as I near the overpass, I spot the source, a shooter in a ghillie suit, the kind snipers wear to blend in to terrain. He’s kneeling in the bushes, laser gun in hand. As I pass to the other side of the overpass I see maybe a dozen marked units from several agencies, obediently waiting along the onramp like retrievers, ready to chase down wounded birds.

As I get around the next bend I see the prey, four poor souls pulled over into a receiving line. This was my first V1 save. And let me tell you, it was a beauty.

Brian Lively
Cape Canaveral, FL