Snookered by his own GPS

A friend and I were talking about the “good-old-days”—when we were in high school back in the late eighties he owned a Passport and I had an Escort. He showed me his new radar detector, a Passport with GPS protection.

I tried to explain to him that Passport isn’t what it used to be and that he should get a V1. I also tried to warn him that GPS stops more than just false alarms. He didn’t want to know.

We went to meet other friends and took two cars. We are driving down Hwy 90 when V1 shows two K band sources ahead. No biggie, I know it’s just the automatic doors of a store up ahead. I notice that my friend didn’t slow down, either, because he had the store locked in the Passport’s GPS as a false alarm.

Suddenly V1 warns me of a third K band source! I ease up but my friend keeps going. The third K band keeps popping up, on and off, until finally I see him—sitting in the parking lot of the store, hidden by the store’s automatic doors and using instant on radar! One slick trooper! My friend blows past him—Passport had blocked the real radar along with the two falses. The blue lights flash and you know the rest.

There is no other detector on the market that would have saved me! But V1 can’t be fooled. The Bogey Counter told me there was an extra threat, and the arrows confirmed where it was. When they buy into Passport’s GPS story, people don’t know what they’re paying extra for.

William Montgomery
Conway, SC