So Much Saving You’d Think It Was A Bank

I started using countermeasures back in the sixties with something called a Fuzzbuster.  Sixty years hence I now have five Valentines all upgraded to V1 Gen2.  Have they saved me much unpleasantness?  Is there a cow in Texas?

We drove the Mountain Mille last year, a rally for vintage cars through challenging roads in the East, and had two certain saves and one probable on West Virginia roads.  On the way back home to Savannah, we had three more saves including one moving radar driving towards us: V1 picked that one up well over a mile away on a country road. 

I wouldn’t consider driving without it.  I even throw one of the units in my suitcase when traveling to a destination where I’ll be renting a car.  Mike, keep up the brilliant work and, please, don’t retire until after I’m outta here.

Rick Hartbrodt
Savannah, GA