So That’s What It Does

I had been using V1 Gen1 for decades and finally decided to update to V1 Gen2.  All these years my wife thought my detectors were wastes of money.

But that was then.  On our way to dinner one evening, we were driving on I-59 South towards Slidell, Louisiana.  Approximately two miles short of Pearl River, V1 started chirping and the frequency quickened as we approached the exit.

I’d always been impressed at how V1 could pick up a signal at great range.  Now Gen2 had a State Trooper at great range and around a curve.  But what made my wife a believer is when a BMW passed us in that curve and the Trooper lit up and busted him right before our eyes. 

Now she’s thinking she needs one of those wastes of money on her windshield. 

Rolando Espino
Picayune, MS