So That’s What Long-Range Means

I bit the bullet and upgraded my trusty Gen1 V1 to a Gen2 model. First morning, leaving for work, it was alerting Ka band coming down a side street toward our main road through town. Almost always a Ka alert around here is enforcement. I approach the intersection and scan left, right and on ahead. Nothing. As I turn right, the signal gets noticeably stronger with the arrow point behind. I look at everything in the mirror, don’t see anything threatening, so I hit mute. A few hundred feet later the detector is alerting again, this time showing two signals from behind. Again I see nothing so I mute once more. Shortly it shows three Ka signals behind. Then it begins to cycle from three back down to two, then three, then two. Each time I mute, it instantly alerts again.

Over the years I’ve had multiple K and X band threats but never a triple Ka alert. I’m becoming more and more annoyed having to continuously hit the mute button and begin to wonder, should I have just stuck with old faithful? At this point I had finally quit looking in my rearview mirror – never saw anything there anyway – when a string of three, yes, three Kentucky State Troopers blew past in the fast lane.

Wow! I don’t now how far back they were initially – they were completely out of sight – but one thing is for sure…I can live with that kind of annoyance forever. Great job, Mike!

Tony Newell

Louisville, KY