A False? No, Something More Insidious

After using a standard detector (read: any brand other than Valentine) for several years and receiving substandard performance (read: tickets), I researched the market and concluded the V1 was the only one which offered the insurance I was looking for: comprehensive coverage.

Proof came on a recent interstate trip, accompanied by a good friend not familiar with the legendary V1. As I mounted it on the windshield, I explained its unrivaled capabilities.

Sure enough, shortly after sunset and under the cover of darkness, a K bogey was identified at 12 o’clock by a couple of short braps. Then it went quiet.

Was it a “false,” my buddy wondered aloud? No, I knew better…something even more insidious. As we continued, it told us once more what awaited. I know the tell-tale signs of instant-on.

Finally, after a long silence, with nothing to go on but the prior two brief K warnings, the sound went to full alert. There, as we had been warned, was the hunter, looking for an unsuspecting (read: poorly-equipped) victim.

Was this a V-1 moment? Certainly yes, but more importantly, it’s the V1 Experience. Thanks, Mike.

Paul Doetsch
Round Lake Beach, Illinois

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