Sometimes What’s Behind Is In Your Future

Just this week I was traveling from Albany to Binghamton, NY, on I-88, the cruise control set at only my confessor will know.  There were a few vehicles to my rear, half-mile to a mile back.  I started getting chirps–bogey behind!  I kept watching but nothing was gaining on me.  The chirping continued, however, just hanging back there, nothing urgent.

Then I saw a white sedan getting bigger in the mirror.  I throttled back to an arguably defensible rate and noticed the white sedan was a Chevy Impala of a recent vintage with Ohio plates, not likely to be a stalker.  It soon passed doing north of 85.  The trailing bogey was still back there, but now the chirping quickened and soon I saw the silhouette of a New York State Trooper–they’re using Dodges, I think–and it came by me fast.  In only seconds, I watched him pull over the Impala.  

I’ve had a V1 for nigh on to a decade–a V1 Gen2 now–and this is just one more time that an enforcer was sniffed out while sneaking up from behind.  If you’re a road warrior, you can’t beat V1 Gen2. 

Brad Hanford
Chester Springs, PA