Squirrel-Hunting Troopers

Northbound on I-65, just south of Louisville, approaching the Shepherdsville exit: I was in the left lane, easing on up the road. About a quarter mile from the overpass, V1 sounded a blast, laser! I studied the road ahead, the shoulder, the median, and even the overpass silhouetted by the sky. But saw nothing.

Nevertheless, I signaled right, moved into the center lane and tapped the brakes to kill the cruise control. Several cars passed me on the left. Then I spotted him, a State Trooper out of his cruiser, crouching low, aiming his laser gun around the edge of the sign on the overpass, like a squirrel hunter hiding behind a tree.

The laser warning on my V1 screamed this time, but I was legal. As soon as I went under the overpass, I saw the chase-down team lined up on the entry ramp-must have been eight or ten of them. At the next exit I saw the same set-up, this time with the cruisers facing southbound. What a trap!

But V1 saw through it in time.

John Bolzé
Somerset, KY