Staying put till the threat is exposed

was driving from Montgomery, Alabama, through Houston, Texas, to home in Bellevue, Nebraska with my ten-year-old V1. While going through Houston, my V1 started beeping, saying I had two warnings; one ahead, and one behind.

I was doing the speed limit, but there was greyhound bus tailgating me. The chirping quickened until I passed a patrol car at a gas station. After that, both warnings switched to the rear, and later, only one stayed with me.

I could not see any radar source because the greyhound bus was tight behind me, flashing me his lights for me to move over, even though he had an open lane beside me to pass. I was doing the speed limit, but I moved over to let him by.

When the bus passed, there was a police car right on his stern. Almost immediately the red-and-blues went on and the bus got tagged.

If I had any other radar detector, I would not have been able to make the wise decision to stay put until the threat was exposed. On that trip alone V1 helped me avoid three roadside conversations and maybe worse. Amazing job, Mike and V1 team.

Adolfo Montero, USAF ret.
San Antonio, TX

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