Straight From the Trigger Man

I don’t own a V1…yet. But after what happened, I’m dumping my Escort.

I was in upstate NY when I met a Trooper in the oncoming lane. I saw him, slowed down and, because my Escort never made a peep, continued on without worry. Five minutes later he was at my window telling me he clocked me on radar doing 95.

When I told him my detector never went off, he thought I was lying because I slowed when he switched on his radar. No, I slowed because I saw him.

Would he switch it on again, please? He went to his car and returned. “It’s on” he said. “No way.” He invited me back to see. Sure enough, it was tracking the traffic going by and my Escort, 15 feet away, wasn’t making a peep!

“Now don’t get me wrong,” he said, “that’s a nice detector. But they don’t work against our radar.”

“What band are you running?” He didn’t know, except that it wasn’t laser. Then he volunteered, “Now there is a detector that does pick up our radar, but I forget the name.”

“Valentine?” I asked.

“Yup. I always know when a car has one because they slow down very early. When you slowed, I thought you did, too,” he said.

“Nope, but I can promise you I’m going to get one.”

Brian Lavezzoli
Richmond, VA