Taxman in the Trees

“Good morning,” I respond, accepting the NY Thruway ticket. Miles go by, full daylight comes, radars are encountered, the normal stuff. I’m rapidly closing on a car in the distance. Seconds later he drops out of sight, then I’m there, entering a gentle decent of 300-400 yards culminating in a wide, sweeping curve to the right. V1’s laser alarm triggers for an instant, then stops. I STAND ON THE BRAKES!

Busted, me thinks. But I see nothing; just the car I’ve been overtaking, now 200 feet ahead.

Seconds later I get a full blast, V1 maxed out for 3-4 seconds. Still, I see nothing. Wait…what’s that slight movement inside the trees in the median? Sunova #@%! It’s a Trooper in camo lying prone behind a medium-sized tree, using it to steady his handheld LIDAR unit. He eyes me suspiciously as I go by. And then, there’s the rest of ’em, five chase cars waiting at the end of the trees. One pulls out to get the guy I was about to blow by. The V1 must have picked up a small reflection from the kill shot.

In my rear view mirror I notice the sniper is now standing…hmmm. Yep, you guessed it, several seconds later he gives me one in the back at 1500 feet. Bye-Bye taxman!

All the best, Mike, and thanks.

Bill Barry
Berlin, MA