That Beepy Thing Proves Prescient

My girlfriend used to roll her eyes when I grabbed my V1 out of my truck to take it with us every time we went for a trip in her truck. One day we went kayaking, and since we were parking in a secluded area, I pulled V1 off the windshield and put it down in a dashboard cubby hole out of sight…but I left it plugged in.

After paddling, we were driving home through Benton, TN, a notorious speed trap, and my V1–still down in the cubby hole–started alerting to Ka band. A few moments later, a LEO came towards us from around a corner.

My girlfriend turned to me with a look of total disbelief mixed with amazement on her face–that annoying beepy thing was actually good for something.

Now she won’t give it back.

Jonathan Ryan
Hixson, TN